Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

St. Nicks got its start in 1975 by organizing residents in the neighborhood around the issue of housing. Today, inaffordability, environmental threats, and lack of political awareness, as well as of community accountability, continue to challenge the neighborhood’s housing.

We are involved in several ways to address these challenges. One way is identifying opportunities to create, finance and build affordable housing units. The second is day-to-day management of properties, ensuring quality living and providing tenant services. The third is to serve those who need extra care – our senior, special needs, or mobility-impaired residents. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, throughout all these areas, we help the community empower themselves in the community’s housing development process.

Through these means, the community has been able to win back decent affordable housing in big and small ways. The neighborhood benefits from improved facades, landscaping, and public gardens. Residents maintain active involvement through leadership of the tenant associations, cooperative boards of directors, and other property management groups. Residents are also encouraged to participate in St. Nicks programs in other areas – health care, workforce development, economic development, and youth and education services.

St. Nicks is not only interested in developing and rehabilitating housing in the community. We also provide tenant support services and landlord and homeowner support. Ultimately, in keeping with St. Nicks core values, we help organize residents to help themselves.

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